The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

  1. Victor Chiappetta

    Victor ChiappettaPred 21 uro

    Oohh noo the I word. There are lots of studies Joe. Many peer-reviewed. Tess Lawrie has amassed the data. It's legit. Anecdotal, we have family in South America that had severe reactions and recovered quickly with the I word. I have it on my shelf.

  2. Kelley Gallagher

    Kelley GallagherPred 21 uro

    *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* LOVEMEETS.FUN SLthrow: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' SLthrow: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбаков ..u #探す

  3. Little Bird

    Little BirdPred 21 uro

    Is Rogan still this naive? Holy damn, I hope not.

  4. work smart

    work smartPred 21 uro

    Americans are a softer ppl

  5. work smart

    work smartPred 21 uro

    Support to the Russian that didnt bitch out that everyone forgot because she was white and did what she was trained to do

  6. Plastic Planet Disc Golf

    Plastic Planet Disc GolfPred 21 uro

    My old boss was a bit more extreme. He would throw Red Bulls at us.

  7. Dombo 916

    Dombo 916Pred 21 uro

    this comment section aint it

  8. Rodney Brent Gray

    Rodney Brent GrayPred 21 uro

    I had experience in 82. It changed my life. Ive ran that moment over and over in my head. Hundreds of thousands of times From every angle. I still kno very little I believe it could be us from our future protecting our future from us. We are needed, our existance is needed for thier existance? IDK My next My most plausible Idea is they are silicone based lifeforms. They have been waiting for us to mature enough so that we were able to create thier kind, thier race. That occured when they crashed landed all over the entire planet in the late 40's At that point were we finaly able to recreate the habitat they require as a species to exsist or to be. Do they reqire a silicone based world for existence like we require a oxygen and water based world to exist? This is when we started understanding silicone Has A.I. been thier goal the entire time? Could this be why they have seemed to guild us? Probably not but not completley far fetched. Now that we have an idea how powerful a.i. can become. I will never stop reliving that day I hope to get an answer one day👽

  9. Gary Leafty

    Gary LeaftyPred 21 uro

    The asshole game is a meme among veterans as well. You do a a group picture of veterans and there’s always one guy doing it. Or you meet a veteran social media influencer and take a photo with them, 9/10 they will do and you don’t know till you look at the pic.

  10. Declan Gill

    Declan GillPred 21 uro

    I got the Pfizer vaccine, my arm stung for days both times, my sinuses have been blocked and my throat has been irritating me for at least a month, I'm more easily irritated.

  11. HECTOR

    HECTORPred 21 uro

    Joes reaction to the testagen is priceless

  12. KyTsunMan859

    KyTsunMan859Pred 21 uro

    You also have to stand in line, to go through a metal detector just to go take a piss

  13. Ryan Ansley

    Ryan AnsleyPred 21 uro

    The truth is making joe nervous. The people in his ear are like “ Joe you better wrap this up”

  14. Chad

    ChadPred 21 uro

    Mmm.. She's yummy indeed

  15. Bethel Ben Israel

    Bethel Ben IsraelPred 21 uro

    Lemmie stop playing, don't shoot those down it will proke the end sooner, it's bible prophecy why these vessels are showing up its almost time to recover the elect. Look into normon burgun ring makers of saturn interview, hese seen the people on these vessels and I have too back when I didn't understand what I was seeing and it was on SLthrow but has since been taken down.

  16. OneMasterDisaster

    OneMasterDisasterPred 21 uro

    1:34:40 “yeah you’re not supposed to eat food any other way than the way that it comes when you eat it.” -Joe Rogan

  17. Fred Mills

    Fred MillsPred 21 uro

    Watch Mindhunters on Netflix, and compare the interviews with the actor Ed Kemper, and real life interviews with Ed Kemper, where they discuss the relationship with his mother, combined with his years away from social development in his early teens.

  18. Bethel Ben Israel

    Bethel Ben IsraelPred 21 uro

    So here's what they should do... Shoot one of those things down and ask questions 😉 let's go!

  19. cj james

    cj jamesPred 21 uro

    Actual justice warrior just talked about this

  20. And smell the coffee!

    And smell the coffee!Pred 21 uro

    Now that Steven Greer’s alien skeleton has long turned to dust and To the Stars Academy of Horseshit has disappeared up its own ass with Tom DeLonge lying face down in pig shit, it would seem that Lazar is the only one left holding the fort for the con men. The trouble being his fort is made of sand and the tide is fast coming in. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Adam Bowman

    Adam BowmanPred 21 uro

    I love this sophisticated dialogue. It keeps me interested in life.

  22. T

    TPred 21 uro

    someone come get Jiminy Glick

  23. Ashley Willour

    Ashley WillourPred 21 uro

    Ok, this is what cracks me up. People who are bullying others into getting the vaccine can't even coherently argue against the literal FACTS they are presented with. They even give answers like "well, I don't even fully understand what mRNA, is but I trust it". Like, how can you build any sort of rebuttle that will convince me to get the vaccine when I DO UNDERSTAND AND AM ALARMED BY THE MECHANISM. BY THE FACTS. This world is maddening.

  24. Irish Yamcha

    Irish YamchaPred 21 uro

    "Today our lesson comes to us from Brazil" We all already knew that.lolz

  25. Benny Wolfe

    Benny WolfePred 21 uro



    VINYL SQUADPred 21 uro

    The CDC made Codvid19

  27. Elias Shadow

    Elias ShadowPred 21 uro

    20:21 dang is he talking about covid maybe

  28. Sushrut Deshinge

    Sushrut DeshingePred 21 uro

    More of this guy, please!! 😑

  29. Superman Hakka

    Superman HakkaPred 21 uro

    Kevin is so attractive when he talks seriously.

  30. Najaf S.

    Najaf S.Pred 21 uro

    Clear train of thought. Relevent knowledge. Eloquence of the tongue. INTENTION to genuinely help other's....THESE are the reasons Dr. Peterson is relevent and appreciated in these socially lonely, fractured families times.

  31. NoraAlbo

    NoraAlboPred 21 uro

    Oh my gosh Jimmy Dore is back with Rogan! Yay! Can't wait to watch until I get home from work. Hopefully Jimmy Dore brings up the Aholes from TYT.

  32. Viktor B

    Viktor BPred 21 uro

    You had Yeonmi Park on and no clips? Weird and disrespectful by Jamie/management. Sweden is also a dictatorship, but in a Soviet Union kinda way. Have on Gustav Kasselstrand to explain it to you. Just a silly "right wing" comment.

  33. Luckys Lair

    Luckys LairPred 21 uro

    Open carry just draws the attention of the nar do well’s around you. Tactically unwise, element of surprise is gone, makes you the first target. I’d rather be the one the bad guy didn’t notice, until it’s too late…… But hey, you do you.

  34. T

    TPred 21 uro

    4:52 this was a Teacher moment hear... oh, damn, yo ass got caught! He held on that stare too lol

  35. Donde Merlin

    Donde MerlinPred 21 uro

    Do you want to know about Haiti? If you can, find a copy of William Blum's "Killing Hope" Common Courage Press 1995 You want to be angry with your own government, past and present...here is your catalyst. It describes, chapter by chapter, nation by nation, the interference of many sovereign countries by the USA. I want to say the chapter on Haiti is the largest - and it is all awful. Even Carter screwed with this small country of former slaves. What this country and the businessmen running it did just to this country is infuriating.

  36. Sal Mondello

    Sal MondelloPred 21 uro

    When Alex Starts chanting. Carbon. Carbon no one joined in. So im in my kitchen yelling carbon with him. Did anybody else do this??

  37. T Cantrell

    T CantrellPred 21 uro

    yeah people thought that the police wouldn't turn against you but then again the red flag laws where Americans have been murdered by their own police you're far more likely to die in the hands of the people that are supposed to be protecting you the end the individuals you're being protected from. The police turned against us when the government started giving them money to fight drugs The military is comprised of teenagers who do exactly what they're told

  38. T

    TPred 21 uro

    4:29 Rogan: "you aren't even listening you fat piece of sh*t"

  39. Travis Wheeland

    Travis WheelandPred 21 uro

    The first shot of Modern caused my dad to nearly suffocate the night after. He thought he was going to die.

  40. Alf Benny

    Alf BennyPred 21 uro

    The video he watched was by Actual Justice Warrior. Look it up!

  41. Klaus World

    Klaus WorldPred 21 uro

    Accident? LOL

  42. T

    TPred 21 uro

    you know what..... I miss this studio now. Bring it back.

  43. Robert Pait

    Robert PaitPred 21 uro

    He will always be Jessie the Body Ventura! Fuck the haters!

  44. C Bee

    C BeePred 21 uro

    “Science” is basically a cult at this stage. This creature is ironically quoting from a news site called “Science”.

  45. Adam Walker

    Adam WalkerPred 21 uro

    He was clearly given a weak cut up bag of heroin for his 1 line and based his opinion on this sample size of 1...

  46. Point Man

    Point ManPred 21 uro

    Bob Lazar, the type of pimp trained to differentiate between a fake alien doll and a hi-tech blow up doll like those he supplied in the brothel. One is allegedly a mind reader, but the other can talk very dirty and give you a superb mechanical bl*w job.

  47. Nasreddine Touaibia

    Nasreddine TouaibiaPred 21 uro

    A baby killer, rapist and blood thirsty Bush and Cheney’s slave on the mic giving it a big one for invading a country and bullying people in it. How many times did you piss yourself when you met men with arms instead of innocent civilians? F*ck you and F*ck any soldier that served in Iraq and participated in its demolition (except those who came out and spoke against rape and killing of civilians committed by the US Army of mercenaries).

  48. Milton Mena

    Milton MenaPred 21 uro

    First words of the clip "I don't know". Well, that was fast.

  49. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel PurdyPred 21 uro

    Darpa didn’t invent the MRNA tech. Dr Robert Malone did. He warms that the Pfizer jab has many issues.

  50. Dan Mitchell

    Dan MitchellPred 21 uro

    First, lets be clear Saagar Enjeti isnt an unbiased source. Hes a Right Wing populist. Right at the start he confabulated the 3 year ban on GofF research which lapsed in 2017. Dr Fauci didn't reverse it. Listen carefully and he talks fast and I doesn't connect the dots very well. The current consensus from majority virologists is the SARs-COV-2 strain is from a natural origin. If the virus isn't man made, end of story. Did sloppy research by the Chinese in their level 2 lab cause the outbreak. I wouldn't doubt that and Chinese protest and denial of investigation makes it more likely then not.

  51. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel PurdyPred 21 uro

    I had covid and had natural immunity but figured hey I’ll get the JNJ to boost my immunity. Had massive headaches and nausea for 5-6 weeks. Got better but I’ll never take one of these covid vaccines again. The studies are clear. Natural immunity is durable, long lasting and showing better protection than the vaccines.

  52. Najaf S.

    Najaf S.Pred 21 uro

    Joe need's to be much less agressive and quick reacting when favoring some extreme right leaning thinking. Not disapproving eitherway...I say this as he is the hosy and must present all view points and give them due intellectual honesty to their views. He is much more mature than his initial days though.

  53. the ghostwriter

    the ghostwriterPred 21 uro

    "climate change is political, and not a scientific quest" Why take anything this guy says seriously?

  54. Kousthub Chiruvolu

    Kousthub ChiruvoluPred 21 uro

    I think we don't have enough ghost animals - Theo 🤣😭

  55. Chris C

    Chris CPred 21 uro

    Governments dont want a cure. Why is this not obvious to you all??

  56. Andrew Yellstrom

    Andrew YellstromPred 21 uro

    They were saving limited resources the people who were doing the worst and really needed it.

  57. Whiskey Victor

    Whiskey VictorPred 21 uro